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Groundbreaking Artificial Lift
and Subsea Connector Technology

RMSpumptools is established as a world leader in Artificial Lift Specialist Completion Technology and Innovative Accessory Tools for Electrical Submersible Pumps.

Our extensive range of products and services including Completion Systems, Mechanical/Electrical and Subsea Electrical products means we can provide a complete end-to-end system, ensuring performance with reliability.

The tools and systems we provide evolved from our deep, practical knowledge of every aspect of artificial lift applications. They represent both direct and lateral thinking about the fundamentals of downhole problems and processes.

Our products are designed to integrate seamlessly and simply with the whole range of ESP operations. From concept and design, to production and delivery, through to installation and training, RMSpumptools provide the complete service.

Dual ESP Completions Systems Penetrators Bypass Completion Systems Wet Mateable

Y-CHEK™ (Automatic Y-TOOL)

Y-Chek Auto Y-Tool


Wellhead and Packer Penetrators


ROV Wet-Mate and Diver-Mate Connectors

New Product - the SWITCH

The SWITCH is a new and innovative product for running dual ESP systems with a SINGLE power cable to surface. This patented product is set to revolutionise the ESP Artificial Lift market, saving the operator considerable cost and maximising productivity.

  • Land or Subsea Applications
  • Retrofit Duals in Single ESP Wells
  • Eliminates unplanned Workovers

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Artificial Lift ESP - The SWITCH