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RMSpumptools SPEEDFiT is the new benchmark for high-speed, consistently reliable field installations of downhole cable to Wellhead and Packer Penetrators - saving you even more rig time. Requiring minimal parts and training, just a cable prep is required - SPEEDFiT requires no tapes, no epoxy, no gel and no assembly of parts.

SPEEDFiT is easily adaptable for use with different size cables, resulting in simple redress for re-use with only a minimum of spares required.

Wellhead Penetrator Field Attachable

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The Field Attachable Wellhead Penetrators can be manufactured for any wellhead configuration and well condition. Our entire range of Field Attachable Wellhead Penetrators include the unique RMSpumptools gas-proof pressure barrier, providing you with the safest, most reliable Wellhead System in the market.

Packer Penetrator Field Attachable

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The Field Attachable Packer Penetrators and Feedthru Systems also contain our field-proven gas-tight and permanently energised pressure barriers. They can either be manufactured directly onto the MLE cable with a Field Attachable connection on the upper side or manufactured with a Field Attachable Connection on both the upper and lower sides.