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  • Wet-Mateable Power Connectors

    RMSpumptools high power connector systems consist of either an individual three phase wet-mate or three single phases in a subsea structure.

    The plug (female) connector halve(s) is situated within the upper completion, while the receptacle (male) connector halve(s) is fixed within the lower completion. This can either be on a tubing hanger, tubing hanger running tool, subsea tree or another subsea structure.

    The plug connector provides a sealing barrier with the subsea tree or structurec - the receptacle connector provides a sealing barrier between the environment and the tubing hanger and at the bottom of the tubing hanger accommodating drymate connector arrangements. The connector system provides a long term reliable connection in a downhole environment - the lower half of the connector pair remains permanently installed.

    Wet-Mateable Power Connectors

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