Testing Facilities

Technical. Innovative. Dedicated.

RMSpumptools Qualification and FAT testing facilities are equipped with state of the art equipment to provide product variation requirements to industry standards and bespoke customer requests.

Rapid Mate & Demate Rig

An automated test rig is designed to replicate the mate and de-mate action of any mating connector system. The test rig also allows misalignment and accurate measured speed of mating tests to be performed.

Test Bays & Vessels

Situated within a blast proof environment, monitored and recorded by CCTV operation, the Test Bays encompass our High Pressure and Temperature test vessels, which are equipped with an agitation unit for simulated testing.

High Voltage Test Cage

This high voltage equipment and testing is protected in an earthed metal ‘caged’ enclosure. High Voltage and Partial Discharged testing can be performed onsite within these facilities by trained and qualified personnel.