Single Mandrel

No Tapes, No Epoxy, No Gel and Less Than 10 Minutes Assembly Time in the Field after the Cable is Stripped.

  • high temperature and high pressure
  • restricted space
  • high levels of h2s
Field Attachable Penetrator


Less than 10 Minutes Assembly Time in the Field after the Cable is Stripped

RMSpumptools SPEEDFiT is the new benchmark for high-speed, consistently reliable field installations of downhole cable to Wellhead and Packer Penetrators - saving you even more rig time. Requiring minimal parts and training, just a cable prep is required - SPEEDFiT requires no tapes, no epoxy, no gel and no assembly of parts.

SPEEDFiT is easily adaptable for use with different size cables, resulting in simple redress for re-use with only a minimum of spares required. The Vertical Penetrator can be installed top or bottom fed into the Tubing Hanger, allowing simple retrofit to existing wellhead equipment designs.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple, Reliable, Efficient
  • No Tapes, No Epoxy, No Gel
  • Minimal Assembly of Parts
  • Saves Significant Rig Time
  • Dual Sealing - retains the exclusive Field Proven RMSpumptools Pressure Barrier
  • Back-up O-Ring Seals between Field Attachable Connector and Penetrators
  • Fully Testable after being installed on the Cable
  • Suits a range of Cable Sizes
  • All that is needed for Redress Kits are Two Seals and New Pins

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