data1 ESP Sensor

ESP Sensors - Advanced Motor Temperature Monitoring and 3-Axis Vibration Measurement, available in High Temperature and High Accuracy models.

  • high temperature and high pressure
  • restricted space
  • high levels of h2s
data 1 esp sensor



The data1 sensor provides separate Motor Winding AND Motor Oil Temperatures simultaneously. When combined with our Well Temperature parameter, this gives you the ability to maintain the optimum performance of your ESP including the necessary downhole cooling that is provided by fluid flow past your motor. Temperature data is a necessary Operator tool for accurate understanding and protection of your ESP performance. By providing such crucial temperature measurements it allows additional alarms and trips to be set, adding greater control to help you Extend the Life of your ESP System and Maximise Production.


A highly accurate and industry leading 3-Axis Vibration measurement has been introduced to ensure you receive a more accurate representation of potential mechanical stresses on the ESP System. With most other industry sensors offering only one or two axis, the RMSpumptools data1 sensor delivers more comprehensive, superior data.


  • Motor Base Crossover (sizes available for all motor types)
  • Installation Kits
  • Testing Equipment

Features & Benefits

  • Increases ESP Runlife
  • Prevents Pump-off
  • Minimises ESP Failure Rates
  • Diagnose ESP Condition
  • Helps reduce Gas Locking
  • Improved Operating Efficiency
  • Lowers Running Costs
  • Prevents Downtime
  • Optimizes Production

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