Bypass Plugs

Bypass Plugs including Blanking Plugs, Coiled Tubing Logging Plugs, Wireline Logging Plugs and Isolation Sleeves - a full range of complimentary ESP Bypass products to facilitate intervention and maximise production.

  • high temperature and high pressure
  • high levels of h2s
ESP Bypass Systems


Blanking Plug The Blanking Plug locks in the Bypass Nipple during operation of the ESP to prevent the recirculating of fluids during pumping operations. RMSpumptools provides a variety of top no-go and bottom no-go Blanking Plugs and sizes, based on industry standards, appropriate to application or customer need.

CT Logging Plug The Coiled Tubing Logging Plug is used when coiled tubing is the means of deploying the logging tool and will accommodate coiled tubing sizes up to 1.75”. The CT Logging Plug incorporates seals and locking dogs to enable its use with the RMSpumptools Y-Tool and Bypass Nipple.

Wireline Logging Plug The Wireline Logging Plug allows pumped production during logging operations. The profile is matched to the Bypass Nipple and the plug incorporates an internal flow tube to suit the slickline or electric line used. The plug can be fitted with an equalising feature to drain off the hydrostatic head above the plug.Isolation Sleeves

Isolation Sleeve The Isolation Sleeve is deployed and removed by slickline or CT and is designed to isolate the ESP leg of the Y-Tool. It incorporates seals which locate in the seal bores of the Y-Tool to prevent pressure between the ESP Leg and the bypass tubing form passing in either direction. It is used when the bypass tubing is utilised as a production tubular when free flowing the well or running dual ESP systems. When free flowing or producing through the bypass in this way, it is important not to allow free flow through the ESP, which would otherwise create premature wear in the ESP. The Isolation Sleeve is also used when bullheading fluids, such as acid, down the bypass tubing, directing the acid to below the ESP and avoiding dissipation through the ESP. The through bore allows up to 2.31” tools to be run whilst isolation tools are in-situ.

Features & Benefits

Blanking Plug

  • Equalising Feature to allow fluid drain-off before pulling
  • Pressure Tested to 5000 psi within Y-Tool assembly before shipment
  • Positive Dog engagement to secure Blanking Plug into blanking plug seating nipple
  • Self Cleaning fishing neck
  • Positioned in nipple to avoid flow erosion damage
  • Vee Ring Seal Stack positioned below locking dogs to ensure protection of Nipple Seal Bore during entry/exit

Wireline Logging Plug

  • Available in any seal bore size to suit Bypass Nipple supplied.
  • Incorporates Equalising Feature, to overcome any trapped hydrostatic pressure on removal.
  • Optional Wireline Hammer (Grapple) can be deployed above the Logging Plug to tap logging plug into place.
  • Alternatively, a weight bar may be attached to the bottom of plug to aid deployment in a high angle or deviated well.

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