ESP and Motor Shrouds

The ESP Motor Shroud is a cylindrical shroud which covers the motor length of the ESP. It is hung off a special clamp at the pump intake neck and is packed off against the body of the pump section to prevent fluid from entering from above.

  • high temperature and high pressure
  • high levels of h2s
ESP Completions


The RMSpumptools Motor Shroud is a cylinder fitted around the Motor, Protector/Seal and Intake sections of an ESP. It is designed to reduce the annular area between the ESP and the casing bore, which allows the velocity of fluid by the Motor section to increase and subsequently help to cool the Motor.

The Shroud is simply constructed with a length of tube, normally between 25 to 30 feet, long enough to swallow the Motor, Protector and Intake sections, and is bolted with a split clamp unit to first ESP neck located above Intake.

Above the Shroud an RMSpumptools MLE Clamp is normally fitted to secure the MLE to the Discharge Head. At the bottom end, a Centraliser Guide is fitted to help secure the ESP section within the Shroud. The Motor Shroud is available in Alloy Steel for standard service and 13% Chrome for sour service.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple construction
  • Easy to install
  • Protects the ESP and Casing
  • Increases Motor efficiency

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ESP & Motor Shrouds Comparison

ESP and Motor Shrouds
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