Subsea Connector & Sensor Systems

Subsea Connectors and Systems including Tree & Tubing Hanger Connectors (Instrument and Power), Monitoring & Control Connectors, Valve Position Sensors and Renewables Wet-Mate Connectors.

Subsea Connectors

Durability. Reliability. Longevity.

Tested at our dedicated facility in the UK and field-proven in the harshest environments, our suite of Subsea Wet and Dry Mate Connector Systems is established as the industry preference for durability, reliability and longevity.

HP/HT connector systems is one of the industry’s greatest challenges and in our continuous drive for innovative technology, we are developing a new generation of products to operate in extremely hostile environments.

Monitoring & Control Connectors

SeaConnect™ Monitoring & Control Connector Systems provide continuous electrical connection for subsea data acquisition devices. The connectors are available in 4/7/12 Pin configurations. ROV, Stab and Diver Wet-Mate options are supplied with oil filled Jumper Hoses or Cable Harness Assemblies.

Tree & Tubing Hanger Instrument Connectors

WellConnect™ instrumentation connector systems provide a long-term reliable electrical connection between the Tubing Hanger and the Subsea Tree. The electrical connection feed through system consists of Penetrators and Wet & Dry mate Connectors. The systems are also used for tubing hanger running tools providing gauge verification before the subsea tree and tubing hanger are engaged.

Tree, Tubing Hanger & Downhole Power Connectors

WellPower High Voltage Connector Systems consist of either a three phase Single Mandrel Wet-Mate Connector or three single phases for a downhole or subsea structure - providing a long term reliable connection in power application environments.

Renewable Connector Systems

OceanPower™ is a range of high and medium power Wet-Mate Connectors specifically developed for the Renewables Energy Market. The connectors utilise proven technology in the marine environment providing superior reliability and ease of system operations during installation, bringing many benefits to tidal stream and wave energy devices - providing innovation to some of the industry’s major challenges.

Subsea Sensors

Temperature & Pressure Sensors perform measurements on completion and production systems in subsea environments to a water depth of 3,000m and are typically used for Subsea Christmas Trees. Subsea Valve Position Sensors provide the exact position of the subsea valve. These Sensors can be used on a variety of valve applications including Choke and HIPPS.