Electrical Penetrators & Connector Systems

Wellhead Penetrators, Packer Penetrators, CAN/POD Penetrators, Penetrator Feedthru Systems, Mechanical Splices, Adjustable Adapters, Field Attachable or Moulded Cable options.

electrical penetrators and connector system

Safety. Durability. Reliability.

Field-proven in the harshest environments, our suite of Electrical Penetrators and Connector Systems is established as the industry preference for reliability. Our products are tested and certified to the highest standards including FM, ATEX and IECEx to name but a few.

Developed as a practical application, our interactive online training modules include video, step by step pictoral guides and multiple choice questions leading to approved certification - ensuring your team are fully equipped for optimal installation.

Wellhead Penetrators & Connector Systems

Wellhead Penetrators and Connector Systems can be manufactured for any wellhead configuration and well condition. Our entire range of Wellhead Connectors include the unique RMSpumptools gas-proof pressure barrier, providing you with the safest, most reliable Wellhead System in the market.

Packer Penetrators & Feedthru Systems

Packer Penetrators and Feedthru Systems also contain our field-proven gas-tight and permanently energised pressure barriers and can either be manufactured directly onto the MLE or utilise a Field Attachable connection. The design of our single mandrel has also been modified to offer a suite of POD Penetrators in a new slimline model - The STEALTH Penetrator™

Field Attachable for Wellhead & Packer Penetrators

SPEEDFiT is the new benchmark for high-speed, consistently reliable field attachable installations of downhole cable to wellhead and packer penetrators - saving you even more rig time. Requiring minimal parts and training, only a cable prep is required - SPEEDFiT requires no tapes, no epoxy, no gel and no assembly of parts.


The SWITCH® is a world first in artificial lift innovation - this patented product is fully qualified and delivers significant reductions in operating and capital costs, planning and lost production time. Workovers become less of a risk with minimum impact on downtime - when your pump fails, simply engage The SWITCH and production continues.