Bypass Tools

RMSpumptools world renowned Y-Tool (ESP Bypass System) represents design at its functional best, providing a means of allowing well intervention below an ESP using wireline or coiled tubing.

  • high temperature and high pressure
  • high levels of h2s
ESP Bypass Systems


PTSB Pulling Tool - A wireline tool used for pulling the equalizing prong on the PTRN Blanking Plug.

PTGS Pulling Tool - Used for running and retrieving the Isolation Sleeve and Pulling PTRN Blanking Plug.

PTR-Line Running Tool - Ensures the lock does not engage during installation until seated in Nipple.

Tool Catcher - Fitted to the bottom of the Logging Plug and is used in electric line logging operations.

Wireline Hammer - Used as a means of jarring down on the Logging Plug to verify that proper seating has taken place in the seal bore.

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