Packer Penetrators & Feedthru Systems

Packer Penetrators and Feedthru Systems can be manufactured for every packer configuration - Single Mandrel, Split-Phase and STEALTH for small bore options.

Packer Penetrators
Single Mandrel

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  • high temperature and high pressure
  • restricted space
    stealth series nexus series frontier series

Packer Penetrators - Single Mandrel FRONTIER 2.4”, NEXUS 2” and the STEALTH 1.5” for low bore applications.


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  • high temperature and high pressure
  • restricted space
    nexus series frontier series

Split-Phase Packer Penetrator systems are ideal where space restricts a single mandrel arrangement.

Pressure & Temperature Integrity

All Penetrators contain our field-proven gas-tight and permanently energised pressure barriers and can be manufactured directly onto the MLE cable or provided with a Field Attachable connection.

The STEALTH Penetrator™ has been developed in response to growing demand for high-specification, compact penetrator applications which are small enough for Ø1.5” bores.

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