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The RMSpumptools Torque and Test facility is located within our newly established 12,000ft workshop at the James Fisher site in Oldmeldrum where access for quick loading/unloading is maximised. With our experienced team of engineers and equipped with the latest machinery including a Fully Rotational Torque System, a suite of Test Bays, Flow Simulation Area and 10 ton capacity Overhead Crane, the facility has been developed to offer a fully integrated service to our customers.


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torque facility

Torque Facility

The system is a hydraulically operated machine, designed for the safe and efficient make-up and break-out of oil service tools, ranging in size from 2-3/8” up to 17” diameter. The torque range of the machine accurately allows traceability from 200 lbs.ft to 60,000 lbs.ft. by means of air bags, both head and tail stocks float, to accommodate torque/break-out of offset tools and assemblies.

pressure testing

Pressure Testing

In addition to the Torque facility, we have a totally enclosed 40ft Pressure Test Container that includes 2 x 1 ton runway beams and chain vice stands for the support of equipment.

All test fitments are rated suitable to test to a maximum of 10,000 psi. This set-up, in conjunction with the Torque facility, provides a seamless, integrated service.

flow loop testing

Flow Loop Testing

Operated by our experienced team of engineers, the RMSpumptools in-house Flow Loop Test Facility simulates conditions you would experience in the field and is particularly useful for tools that need to be flow activated for either factory acceptance or product qualification.

The Flow Loop provides a simulated pump flow facility for scenarios up to 25,000 bpd and pressures up to 100 psi.