Thru-Tubing ESP Deployment

ALTERN8 provides the interface to produce or de-water wells using alternatively deployed ESP’s without pulling the existing completion or making facilities modifications - saving significant cost.

  • high temperature and high pressure
  • restricted space
  • high levels of h2s
Alternative Deployment


RMSpumptools ALTERN8 is an industry first, cable deployed ESP Wellhead Electro-Mechanical Termination System. It allows ESP deployment through production tubing into a live well using existing wellhead infrastructure to minimise lost production until a workover can be completed.

  • API 6A

Features & Benefits


  • Seamless Fit - fully integrated Wellhead Interface designed and manufactured by RMSpumptools
  • No Rig requirement - minimal infrastructure is required to deploy a system and all tree functionality remains in place
  • Reduced installation time - faster deployment compared to conventional tubular completions
  • Live well deployment through existing tree (allows full use of tree valves)
  • Maintains master valve functionality
  • Manage/maintain flow line height
  • Accommodates existing penetrator stack up
  • Minimal assembly of parts


  • Dual Bulkheads
  • Testable Well Barriers
  • Hanger Landing Confirmation
  • Flushing Capability
  • Flexible, Low Profile Connectors

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