Single CAN/POD System

ESP Single CAN (POD) - utilising a unique mid-shroud packer, the Single CAN has two independent ESP systems in one continuous CAN.

  • high temperature and high pressure
  • restricted space
ESP POD System


Utilising a unique mid-shroud packer, RMSpumptools Redundancy Single CAN has two independent ESP systems in one continuous CAN.

All cable and control lines are protected within the CAN (there are no external lines) and this configuration can be used for dual redundancy or booster systems.


Each ESP can be operated individually, with typically the 2nd unit being activated upon the failure of the 1st, thus providing double life to the completion. An individual power cable feeds each ESP unit and one ADV (Automatic Diverter Valve) is located above each pump discharge to allow pumped fluid to bypass the dormant pump.

  • api certified

Features & Benefits

  • With all cables and control lines for both ESPs carried within the CAN, mechanical damage to the cables alongside the ESP is eliminated.
  • RMSpumptools dual ESP redundancy - Continuous CAN will radically improve well profitability by lowering workover costs and by cutting deferment.

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Typical ESP Single CAN (POD) Completion

ESP POD System
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